Drug Delivery

To ensure that biotechnologically produced drugs are not recognized as foreign by the immune system and eliminated prematurely from the body, biotechnology uses different methods for modifying them so that effective drug delivery is possible.

celares gmbh is specialized in modifying biopharmaceuticals with polyethylene glycols (PEG), through which active ingredients have a longer effect in the body and are more soluble. Whereas in this technology the ingredients are chemically coupled with PEG, Alrise Biosystems GmbH encapsulates biotechnological ingredients with a microparticle envelope. This envelope prevents the drugs from decomposing in the liver, but instead allows them to be released in a controlled manner into the body.
The above technologies not only reduce side effects; the drugs also need to be taken less frequently.

Drug delivery is not only interesting for newly developed substances: Biopharmaceuticals already on the market can gain new patent protection with the aid of a new form of administration.

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