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Helios Foyer

The health location Berlin-Buch offers many events for people interested in science and medical topics. Young people have the opportunity at Berlin-Buch to work in the Voluntary Social Year program. Music schools and a school-in-the-woods with environmental activities for children round out the offering.

HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch

Once a month the HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch offers a patient academy with lectures by head physicians on diseases and diagnosis and treatment options.


Bela Bartok Music School Pankow, Buch-Karow Site

Bela Bartok Music School Pankow, Buch-Karow Site

The music school in Berlin-Buch offers musical activities for children as young as babies and toddlers, together with their parents. The Babygarten is for babies from 4 months of age, and the Musikgarten is for toddlers from 18 months of age. A music educator leads the class with fun musical activities to help make music part of the children’s everyday lives. Early music education classes are offered to three to five-year-old children, and an instrument carousel enables children aged five years and older to try out different instruments.
Lessons in the following instruments are given at the music school in Buch: piano, accordion, violin, viola, violoncello, recorder and transverse flute, bassoon, clarinet, horn, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, guitar and mandolin. In jazz/rock/pop, lessons are given in electric guitar,keyboard, jazz piano, saxophone and drums. All teachers have a college degree and give individual and group lessons.
As a supplement to the lessons, classes in music theory and ensemble playing are offered.
The basic musical training also includes instrument lessons for the disabled; the classes take place in the Marianne Buggenhagen School for the Physically Disabled in Berlin-Buch.
The music school regularly hosts music performances, class recitals and concerts. Once a year, the music school invites the public to an open house. The students of the music school give concerts for senior citizens in Buch and Karow and for children in the Buch District Library. One of the highlights is the Christmas concert in the baroque Buch Castle Church.


Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin

At the Berlin-Buch location physicians from Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin give lectures from time to time on special medical topics.



Long Night of Sciences

Long Night of Sciences

Once a year all of the research institutions, biotech companies and hospitals open their doors to the general public. Many guided tours, hands-on courses, lectures and demonstrations are offered as part of the Long Night of the Sciences. Participants can get  a glimpse behind the scenes of cutting-edge science and medicine. For the youngest visitors, the Long Night starts in the early afternoon.


Music school in Karow

The music school in Karow offers music classes for babies and toddlers as well as a "music kindergarten".
The creativity of older children is stimulated in early musical education classes through dance, singing, mime, rhythmics and sound stories. There the first musical elements and basic concepts are taught.
In addition, an instrument carousel offers the opportunity to try out different instruments in a small group.
Instrumental lessons are available for guitar, violin, saxophone and drums.
In addition, the music school offers seminars for preschool and kindergarten teachers. The seminars offer ideas for musical projects, show ways of using music, rhythm and dance in the daily work with children. Among other things, the seminar participants learn how to use elements of dance and music therapy to promote the social competence of children with behavior problems.

The music school belongs tho the non-profit association Karower Dachse e.V.


Posselt Violin School

The Posselt Violin School in Karow offers string instrument lessons in violin, viola and cello. A special feature of the school is its diverseensembles; even the youngest students can play together. Four children’s ensembles and three adult ensembles offer an appropriate form for every student to make music. The ensembles perform at festivities in Karow, play for the Karow senior citizens and in the traditional Christmas concert in the Karow church.


School-in-the-Woods in the Buch Forest

School-in-the-Woods in the Buch Forest

In all seasons of the year, preschool groups and primary school children can discover the forest with forest educators and enjoy forest adventures. Special events for families and nature lovers are offered on a regular basis such as evening walks with bat watching, bicycle tours or bird song hikes.

The School-in-the-Woods is in a wooden house near the Buch forest ranger’s office. It is equipped for disabled people and has a seminar room. As a supplement to the lessons, special topics can be agreed upon for the day in the forest.


Scientific lectures "Perspectives of the life sciences"

Scientific lectures "Perspectives of the life sciences"

The scientific lectures open to the general public, held usually in the Max Delbrück Communications Center (MDC.C) on Campus Berlin-Buch, will start from October 2018 on in the Zeiss-Großplanetarium, Prenzlauer Allee 80, 10405 Berlin. Teachers can attend the lectures together with their course students, learn about the latest findings and status of research in selected fields of the life sciences, and discuss these with experts.


Volunteer Social Year / Federal Voluntary Service

The following institutions and companies offer young people the opportunity to engage socially in Berlin-Buch and to explore personal and vocational paths in the Voluntary Social Year or the Federal Voluntary Service:

  • Evangelische Lungenklinik Berlin
  • HELIOS Klinikum Berlin-Buch
  • Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin
  • RENAFAN ServiceLeben LudwigPark

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Events education

09.10.2023, 09:00
Explore Precision Medicine Event im Futurium

Das Gläserne Labor beteiligt sich am 9. Oktober 2023 am Explore Precision Medicine Event im Futurium mit Workshops und Präsentationen.

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